Ancient Aliens on Mars? Massive ‘bright sphere’ spotted by NASA satellite on Mars

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A Massive sphere has been found on the surface of Mars in an area where once a massive lake existed and are casting a large shadow onto the surface.May this be the ultimate evidence of ‘artificially’ created structures on Mars? 

Numerous images of Mars show what many refer to as ‘countless mysteries’ on the surface of our neighboring planet.

In some of the new images sent back from NASA’s rovers and satellites on Mars, we encounter things that according to many, shouldn’t be there—at least not if Mars is in fact a desolate planet which never had life.

However, a new image gives us promises to change everything we thought we knew about the red planet: A massive sphere is found on the surface of Mars. The image, taken by NASA’s satellite orbiting Mars shows something that appears to be a massive sphere on the surface of the planet.

The image shows a massive structure on one of Mars’ ancient dried up lakes. It was snapped by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO).

The odd strcuture, which casts a large shadow on the surface of Mars, was spotted by Alien Hunters over at MarsMoonSpaceTV.

In a video uploaded by the group, UFO hunters zoom into the image seen on NASA’s website. The area on the picture is a region on Mars where once—millions of years ago—a lake existed.

According to many, the odd structure is the ultimate proof of a civilization in ruins which—is located on the edge of a GIANT dried up lake that was once covered in water.

 “The massive white spherical object is unmistakable.” SecrueTeam10 tells us.

“As you look around the image you don’t see anything else like this and that’s why it stuck out like a sore thumb. From the shadow its casting I would have to say that this thing is not only large but it may have some height to it, so we may have a tower structure here.”

However, the ‘structure’ may not be as alien as many believe.

One ‘scientific’ explanation is that we are looking at a so-called Martian ‘spherule’.

Martian spherules (is also known as blueberries due to their blue hue in false-color images released by NASA) present an abundant spherical hematite inclusions which was discovered by the Mars rover Opportunity at Meridiani Planum on Mars. They are found in situ embedded in a sulfate salt evaporitic matrix, and also loose on the surface.

However,  most of the hematite rocks are about 0.16 inches (4 millimeters) in diameter, and 0.24 inches (6.2 millimeters). By contrast, Earth spherules exhibit a large range of sizes, not limited to only a quarter of an inch.

What is your opinion about this alleged structure really is? Maybe it is just another massive rock on the surface of Mars? Or is it possible that this object—and countless others—are the ultimate evidence that Mars was once inhabited?

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