The Roswell Rock: A lost alien map?

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The Roswell Rock is a curious object that was found near the Roswell crash site in New Mexico. The rock shows a curious pattern together with magnetic anomalies. When magnetic influence is placing over the thickest part of the Roswell rock, the object turns counter clockwise. However, when it is placed above the lower crescent and circle, the object reverses and turns clockwise.

This object found near the alleged Roswell alien crashsite has created confusion among those who have studied it. Many believe the curious artifact possess mysterious properties.  It is discovered in 2004 and it is believed that it belonged to an alien race that visited Earth.

A man named Robert Ridge on September 4, 2004 went out hunting. During the day, in territory near the Roswell crash site he came across a curious object protruding from the ground, with a curious pattern embedded on its surface.

He noticed a set of patterns and symbols on its surface after cleaning it. This immediately caught his attention.

The Roswell rock has a curious symbolism: Two crescent moons joined at the corners, a pattern eerily similar to those that tend to appear on Crop Circles.

The design of the Roswell rock is fascinating. It is not hard to notice that it seems as if it had been crafted with incredible precision. According to Mr. Ridge, the Roswell rock is evidence of perfect machinery.

The interesting thing is that the design depicted on top of the Roswell Rocked perfectly matches with Crop Circles that appeared in Liddington, England on August 2, 1996.

This and the fact that the mystery artifact was discovered in extreme proximity of the alleged Roswell Crash site.

The Roswell Rock could present two things. Either it is an alien artifact that was ‘left behind’ by Alien visitors, or it is a very intricate forgery.

In order to find out what the object really is, the man who founded it, Ridge contacted two ufologists, Chuck Zukowski and Debbie Ziegelmeyer.

They noticed that the color of the rock was the same as that of the carved surface, so they assumed that it was not a recent work.

In addition, after studying the artifact under the microscope, researchers could not see the marks of the tool that was used to make the engraving. Curious right?

What kind of tool was used to make the engravings but did not leave any marks behind?

Anyway, as they dug deeper and investigated the mystery rock further, experts found that the Roswell rock had magnetic properties, it attracts the needle of a compass, and rotates in the presence of a magnet.

If the Roswell rock is compared to the crop circle found in Liddington, England it will be noticed that even though they may seem identical, they are not.

However, many believe that the engraving on the Roswell Rock points the existence of parallel universes. They are offering clues about portals and wormholes that we are yet to find.

That varies from person to person. For some, it just looks like a cool rock with weird magnetic properties.

Anyway, it is found that the Roswell rock has a strong magnetic attraction, narrowed down to the presence of magnetite. Furthermore, an energy dispersive fluorescence spectrometer, or (EDXRF), confirmed the presence of this strange iron material.

It is strange that when a magnetic influence is placed over the thickest part of the Roswell rock, the object turns the counter clockwise.

Are these strange properties has something to do with magnetism, free energy, and portals waiting to be opened here on Earth. Or maybe presents curious patterns, and magnetic properties? Is it a cosmic map? However, there is no doubt that some secrets about this rock wait to be relieved.

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