SHOCKING: Atomic Bomb – Only a Scare Bomb?!

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Are you ready to hear something really unusual and at first so incredible and inconceivable? I’m pretty sure, this will in each one of you , automatically trigger a kind of instant reaction – from ridicule, disbelief, astonishment and perhaps even anger – a claim that will cause one of your fundamental beliefs about the nature of reality in which we live?

This has appeared before more than a year in consciousness as a fascinating but at the same time a very interesting option. Let’s assume, that if none of the countries in the world possesses nuclear weapons, and if it had never possessed, and if the entire story on nuclear weapons is nothing, but a myth?!?

It certainly sounds crazy. Even outrageous! Everything we know about life and nuclear energy since birth undoubtedly indicates that nuclear weapons are really, all newspapers and television attest. To the extent that we won`t even question it. Ultimately, we have a nuclear power plant, is it not?

Before proceeding, let me tell you from where this idea came from. After the incident, when North Korea invaded South, the day after threatened to use nuclear weapons if these came closer to their border even a millimeter.

But, interestingly, everything stoped there and the whole story subsided very quickly. Isn’t strange that in 70 years long period after World War II no one has ever used nuclear weapons in any single case, and there have been so many wars?

Think about that. Is it a moral issue to use such a weapon that is by self enough to stop those that possess it not to use it to their advantage, and whether any moral issue has ever played a role in any war?

The main question is, how do we know that the atomic bomb really exists? After all, what do we really know about the atomic bomb? In addition it was allegedly dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and that as the big winners of the war threw the Americans in the heavy media propaganda about its destructive power and the ability to destroy any form of life created by the myth of its military superiority and enormous mystery and fame “Cold War” where the United States and the Soviet Union for decades ruled the permanent hysteria and fear when it will be first activated, enhanced by a number of vivid scenarios and “blowing up” by the Hollywood “dream factory”, we know very little.

And how those same shots survivors in the camera that was supposed to be melted together with all the other objects that were in the immediate vicinity? And if it doesn`t melt, it would have to stop working under the influence of electromagnetic pulse that atomic explosions reportedly generate.

However, if testing these bombs have the same effect in the form of radiation and creating enormous heat from the bomb, how is it that it is implemented fully and safely and no one is in the least worried about it?!

Why shoot so many movies about nuclear weapons and disasters, if you are not trying to convince someone of something. Or, better yet, to scare someone? It is very similar to the mass shooting of films and series of Islamic terrorist attacks to the collective mind-backed thin story that terrorism is a real threat.

The idea of ​​nuclear weapons is so deeply ingrained in our psych that immediately when we mention the atomic bomb, in the mind of most people picture appears the famous “mushroom cloud” that is most often associated with its explosive and apocalyptic scenes from movies where everything lies crushed in ruins.
A classic example of such an official theatrical indoctrination with special effects you can see in the following snippet showing the alleged bombing of Hiroshima.

But then we can set an even harder question: If this is indeed a powerful and destructive weapon that at the time everyone turned to ashes and exposed to the deadly effects of radiation and unimaginable heat, who was crazy enough to shoot tests of atomic bombs that were allegedly carried out in 40s and 50s?

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