Simple DIY Essential Oil Spray Could Prevent Measles

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 Every time we flip on the news or pull up the internet browser, there’s another infectious disease, virus, or cold strain on the loose, keeping kids out of school sick, compromising older people with lessened immunity, and even increasing the risk to the healthiest among us.  In worst case scenarios these illnesses can even post more serious risks and complications and some of them even be life threatening. 

The infectious disease hysteria revolves around the Measles.  For many of us, the measles seems like an infection that is forgotten and until recently, it didn’t seem to be a mainstream public health problem anymore. There have been several outbreaks throughout the country leaving parents and individuals alike concerned with protecting their immunity and avoiding contact with the infection.

As the vaccine debates constantly rage on whatever side of the debate we find ourselves on, it is wise to take care in every way possible to boost our immunity and practice excellent hygiene- even if just to safeguard against the common cold.

However, there is a wonderful do-it-yourself strategy for neutralizing harmful infectious organisms in the environment with this easy to make essential oil spray recipe given by essential oil and homeopathic expert Kaliana.

Here is the powerful recipe for Essential Oil Health Mist:

Your family can rest easier knowing this fabulously fresh, herbal-scented mist is watching over you.

Each ingredient has been selected for specific targeted health support.

1 4oz spray bottle (find in the travel section of your local drug store)

1/8 cup grain alcohol

12 drops rosemary essential oil

12 drops cajeput or tea tree essential oil

12 drops pine needle essential oil

3/8 cup filtered water

Permanent marker

First, write these things on the outside of the spray bottle with your permanent marker: “Essential Oil Health Mist”, “shake well”, and “external use only. Next, pour the alcohol into the spray bottle. One by one, add each of the essential oils directly into the alcohol. Close the cap and shake very well. Uncap the bottle and add the filtered water. Cap and shake it well again.

“Your mist is now ready to use. Shake well each time before using to ensure the essential oils are dispersed,” says Kaliana.

It is best to use the spray frequently on surfaces and open air spaces in the home to keep the flow of germ-fighting essential oils present.  The spray can also be used as a hand spray after shopping, using public transportation, or shaking someone’s hand.



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