Shocking: ‘Floating city’ has appeared over China

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Another ‘floating city’ has been filmed in the sky above baffled onlookers in China, in a video that has gone viral since. Optical illusion? Hoax? Or maybe something entirely different we can’t explain?

A video showing what appears to be a floating city hovering in an overcast sky, as baffled onlookers were left shocked by massive structures that appared above the sky has appeared on social networks.

The video has been interpreted by many users as another example of floating cities. It was filmed above Jieyang, in the Guangdong province in China.

No other footage of the event has appeared, leaving many to question the veracity of the filming. Is this just another hoax?

But, this is the third time people have managed to record what appears to be a floating city above China. People in Yeuyang were left shocked after a similar phenomenon that appeared in the sky in early 2017.

Back in 2016, another set of images surfaced on the internet showing mysterious ‘floating city’ that was filmed above the clouds in Dalian in northeast China’s Liaoning Province.

Another ‘floating city’ was recorded over the city of Jiangxi, in 2015 as an eerie cluster of buildings appeared just above the sky.

The Jiangxi ‘incident’ however, was explained by experts who concluded that the phenomena to be a natural mirage, an optical illusion called Fata Morgana.

Also in 2015, a floating city created confusion among residents of Foshan, as people watched in amazement a giant city appearing out of nowhere. Thousands of people stood still, watching the ‘ghostly city’ in what has been the second apparition of a ‘flying city’ in China, according to media reports.

The mysterious ‘city’ was reported to have giant skyscrapers and other smaller buildings which are ‘clearly’ visible in the image according to social network users.

Interestingly, similar events were also recorded around the world.

In 2011, hundreds of people from the small border town of Dulali in Darazo, Nigeria, claimed to have seen a huge ‘ flying city in the sky’. It appeared out of nowhere, the entire city was surrounded by a thin cloud, it flew very close to the ground, through these “clouds” witnesses claimed to have seen beautiful large buildings, towers and the sound of machines originating from the city. According to local reports, 10-year-old Ibrahim could not believe what he was seeing.

When reporters from the Nigerian national newspaper were asking the local residents about their opinion for what they had seen, they said that it was the work of God, because of their religious beliefs. The Imam of the village, Mallam Shehu Liman, confirmed the sighting, and he attributed it to “Allah” and the “Djinn”, a reference to the spirits in the Islamic and Arab folklore. Liman said: “We believe that perhaps God used those sightings for us to open our eyes and see how the Djinn live in their own world.

Since ancient times many mysterious structures appearing in the sky have been reported. Many of us are familiar with stories about strange creatures that appear out of nowhere, mysterious creatures coming out of giant crafts, flames and spheres. They  were known in ancient India as the Vimana, mythological flying palaces or chariots described in Hindu texts and Sanskrit epics.

What people saw most likely is a rare type of mirage called Fata Morgana—an optical illusion caused by specific weather conditions bending light rays.

Fata Morgana is a phenomenon that occurs when the Sun heat up a layer of the atmosphere but the layer of air below it, remains cool. When different layers of the atmosphere have different temperatures, a temperature gradient is generated. These different temperatures also mean differing densities between the layers.


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