Warning Signs That You’re Dating An Emotional Psychopath

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People in today’s society will too often be taken advantage of for their kindness. If you are experiencing any of these situations, then you are being emotionally abused from person you are dating with.

If you are involved in an emotionally abusive relationship then it is likely that you will talk yourself out of agreeing with these things; don’t. If you can relate to any of these signs with someone you are dating then you need to do something about it. It will definitely get only worse, so it is best to deal with it earlier. Abusers are good at what they do, so do not get sucked in by their smooth lines or guilt trips. Simply remove yourself from the situation.


Accusations and Blaming

If someone in your family or your significant other is constantly putting a blame on you, then you need to assess the situations. If they are blaming very obviously random life incidents on you, then you need to have a talk.


Blocking and Diverting

Avoiding conversation about serious topics is a serious indicator. Very often will manipulative people remove themselves from confrontation and emotional situations. If you somehow manage to get them cornered they will start twisting your words and even more likely to start acting a fool.

Inability to take a joke

If your partner is easily offended and will not laugh at themselves under no circumstances, you are in an emotionally abusive relationship. If you or anyone else says anything degrading about them as a joke, it is instantly personal and they will hit you where it hurts to get revenge.

They Point Out Flaws

An emotionally abusive partner will make you feel like less and less of a person. They call you names, give you labels, and commonly talk bad about you to other people behind your back.

They don’t show compassion

They tell you to toughen up, or get over it. They will never empathize with you over anything. Your feelings are always less important than theirs.

They make subtle threats

If your partner threatens you over small or subtle things in a jokingly manner, then this is also a key indicator. They may say they will tell all of your secrets if you leave them, or even more commonly, “if you leave me, i’ll commit suicide.” This is not your responsibility and you not only have the right to, but should leave as soon as possible.

They Share Your Personal Info

An abusive lover will talk about your personal life with other people. They need that for reassurance that they are better than you are. Do not ever confide in these kinds of people; you will soon regret it.

They Try to Control Finances

Emotionally abusive people will try control your money and spend what they please. It is your money, take back control. Stop dating that person.

They Correct You

They are trying to make you feel bad about yourself by constantly correcting you. They use this so that they feel needed. You do not need them.

They are Always Right

Their refusal of being wrong is a major sign. These people will argue with you whether they are obviously wrong or not and will always deny your argument regardless of factual evidence.

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